Ladies of the Shire reviews


'Excellent; a beautifully told story - A truly remarkable book.' K8bug79 - Amazon

'This book is superb. I have read it twice and been moved to tears each time. It tells, with great emotional detail the intrinsic trust between these wonderful giants of the horse world, and the men who loved, cared for, and respected them. It shows us too, the chasm spanning good and evil in humans. You will have an insight into the unimaginable horrors of a century ago, contrasted by the love and strength of the people involved, which carried them through. A story filled with all the facets of human emotion and plenty of humour to help lighten the more serious moments.' J.E.Rowett

'A poignant tale of a man and his horses.' Leicester Mercury (January 2011)

'This is a cracking book. I ran the whole gambit of emotions following the central character as he forged profound relationships with his beloved work horses and felt the horror in the portrayal of WW1. There is a strong sense of time and place in this absorbing book and the authors meticulous attention to detail gives the reader front row access to the diverse worlds of rural life at the turn of the 20th century. Thread of the 'baddy' running through the story keeps the reader on their toes. I found 'Ladies of the Shire' a compelling read.' Ms. Debbie Johnstone

'A really well-crafted excellent novel. Once I was into the story I really couldn't put it down........and I was also in floods of tears. I'm no horse lover, rather I should say horses don't love me, but the strength of the relationship between the central character and his Shire horses pulls on the hardest of heart-strings. I thoroughly recommend the book to other readers.' Jane Ward

The Quarry reviews


'What a fabulous read!! Had me gripped from start to finish. Interesting, intelligent and an excellent storyteller.' Ms, C. Crowther

'Excellent Book! I enjoyed it as much as the first one Ladies of the Shire, so well documented on the countryside and the human nature.' Ms. D. Leburrier

'One of the best books I have ever read, I found it very hard to put down.' Ms. Jane-Mac