A sprightly sexagenarian, Peter has led a life that stitches together a patchwork-quilt of experiences.

Born in Wolverhampton, Peter spent the 60’s/70’s years touring, recording and generally having a damn good time as a drummer with several rock bands. A complete change of tack and a reversion to his earlier education (a passion for wildlife instilled in him by his father) saw Peter take on the role of zoo-keeper in charge of an internationally renowned collection of primates and the successful development of a captive-breeding programme. It was just a small step from that work to employment as a warden on a wildfowl research project and then on to becoming a gamekeeper, eventually spending several years training gun dogs and managing a game farm in Oxfordshire as well as becoming involved in the dramatic arts. A return from the sleepy Cotswold village to the urban sprawl that is Wolverhampton put Peter in charge of developing an urban wildlife educational programme for inner-city schools and working with a staff taken mainly from the ranks of ex offenders, recovering drug addicts and the long-term unemployed.

It was here that theatre work took over completely and stints as a resident stage manager for 15 years and then extensive European touring work with some of the UK's seminal theatre companies added further hues to an already colourful sourcebook of experience. When the opportunity to move to Cornwall came, Peter considered the prospect for all of 10 seconds before committing to a life of drudgery-by-the-sea where he could further develop his talents as a writer. This led to the publication of his first, highly acclaimed novel, Ladies of the Shire in 2009 swiftly followed by his second, equally enthusiastically received novel, The Quarry, published in 2014.